Talent Acquisition – The Nexus of Recruiting and Machine Learning

In the global war for talents, one of the latest weapons in the corporate arsenal is machine learning.

According to Big Data expert Bernard Marr, machine learning allows companies to “scrub colossal amounts of data — faster and more accurately than human scientists.” Computers detect associations and patterns that a human might overlook, leading to higher quality candidates in a veritable sea of hiring data.

Online search is one area where AI is expected to be a game changer for job recruits as well as for those doing the hiring process. Areas of talent acquisition influenced by new machine learning algorithms include the following:

  • Talent Recruitment: Companies can train machine learning algorithms to help businesses automate repetitious aspects of the recruitment process such as resume and application review.
  • Talent Sourcing: Companies can use device learning to help distinguish top candidates from large candidate pools on Indeed, LinkedIn, and other boards.
  • Candidate Screening: Companies can develop AI assistants to pre-screen applicants and to answer to candidate inquiries regarding positions using natural language processing.

The job search process is manual and time-consuming. When using a keyword search on Indeed, for instance, candidates can be left with often misleading results.
Basic search strings can return poor results, providing a contradictory experience for the job seeker, before he or she has even applied for a job.

Talent acquisition is fertile ground for integrating artificial intelligence. The choices made by human resources, and the outcomes of those decisions, touch every department, affecting the entirety of the company. Using AI allows for increased accuracy when attracting, vetting and hiring candidates – and can also work to understand the traits needed for that specific role to drive success. Finding new hires through technology that measure behavioral characteristics alongside traditional qualities will enable a better, more prosperous and more satisfied workforce that will translate to a stronger company.

Newly emerging AI technologies will go on to affect all markets, but its specific value to human resources cannot be minimized. Through machine learning, expect entirely new processes to bring eligible employees that in turn will reshape companies from the bottom up.

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