The Benefits of Building Team Choirs for Businesses

Team building is necessary for businesses to run as a reliable, united team. Communication and healthy professional relationships play a big part in job happiness, in fact, it was found that businesses with effective communication were 40% more likely to have lower staff turnover and 57% of employees say colleagues were a reason to stay in a job.

Gemma Francis, the founder of The Big Sing, has experienced the advantages performing as a choir could have for businesses through her team building seminars. She explains few reasons why so many companies are making this switch and how singing as a team is an effective way of helping employees grow.

Improved wellbeing

Singing is known to release endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemical, that decreases stress and keeps people feeling good. Last year, 12.5 million days’ work was lost due to job-related stress and anxiety, meaning anything to improve the mental being of employees should be a top priority. This type of performance assistance also improves self-confidence which displayed in employees’ work.Advanced communication

Singing in a choir puts everyone at an equivalent level; with different people within the hierarchy joining in, it breaks down those barriers. It acts an icebreaker which encourages people to communicate with those they might not speak to in a workplace situation on a day to day scenario. So not only does singing together keep workers engaged as one unit but also helps iron out any colleague stress, which can be very harmful to your business.

Improved Creativity

A lot of employees have exciting skills outside of their professional capacities, and a corporate choir could give them the chance to use them. Employers frequently send their staff on training programs to further their expert skills, yet creativity is often forgotten. Creativity and forward thinking are skills highly sought after by employers, yet there is little push from businesses to develop them. By supporting creative experimentation keeps the mind actively thinking innovatively.

Improved Trust

29% of employees feel underappreciated at work, and 87% claim they would work harder if they received recognition from management. Your staff will see the choir as your way of compensating them for their efforts and will likely work harder in return, making the activity a tiny investment with long-term benefits. Additionally, giving staff this opportunity shows you value them as people, not just as workers, because you have had their interests in mind, not simply yours’.

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