Top Apps for Job Search

Which apps should job seekers use to give their job search a boost? There are many apps to choose from for both iOS and Android devices, so here is the list to help You with this issue.

1. Facebook Jobs

We think of Facebook as a social place to connect with friends, but it has a huge jobs board as well. The Jobs link is on the left column of your desktop or laptop Facebook home page, under the Explore section. You can comb it using the Facebook mobile app, downloadable from Google Play for Androids or iTunes for iPhones.

2. Jobs (FREE)

In addition to feeding the latest job postings from, this free app lets you take your account with you on the go so that you can apply directly to new listings right from your mobile.

3. JobAware (FREE)

JobAware shares all the outstanding features of JobAware Lite, but also offers salary comparisons for hundreds of occupations, LinkedIn account integration to help you take advantage of your network and job search advice from top career experts.

4. ZipRecruiter Job Search

ZipRecruiter Job Search is also the top-rated job search app on iPhones, ZipRecruiter states. “At ZipRecruiter, we want to help make the job search process easier and even dare we say it, fun,” Lamwatthananon says. “That’s why the ZipRecruiter Job Search app is specifically designed to make things easier and less stressful, enabling quick job submissions with just the click of an emoji.

5. LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn, the online networking site, has an app for job hunters called LinkedIn Job Search. A Jobs link also appears on the header of your profile page. Click on the icon and you’ll be transferred to a page listing jobs the app believes may interest you, based on experience listed in your LinkedIn profile and companies where you have contacts. This makes LinkedIn a leader in working your connections for a referral.

6. Indeed Job Search

The Indeed Job Search app gathers job listings based on your settings — industry, salary and more — from all the major online job boards, newspaper classifieds, associations and company career pages into one location for you to access. You can find openings in towns nearby based on your device’s GPS telling it where you are. Set up email alerts to be dinged when new jobs pop up in a certain category.

7. Casimba Job Search (Free Trial Available)

Another job aggregator, Casimba has a continuously improving mobile app interface. Recently, they added features that allow job seekers to sort their job searches by date and relevance, in an attempt to relieve the crushing weight of endless job scrolling. Your homepage includes your recent searches and it is easy to save and share jobs.

8.  JobR

The big job board Monster scooped up this fast-growing start-up tool last June. It works like a hip dating app. After you set up a profile and upload your résumé, you type in the kind of job you’re looking – sales, say – and your location to get rolling. As potential jobs land on your screen, you swipe left to dismiss and move along and swipe right to apply — as you would a potential romantic match.

9. Quickily

Quickily is an up-and-coming app and calls itself “a Tinder for jobs mobile app with non-real-time video interviewing.” If it’s half as addictive as Tinder, it’s bound to be a hit! And talk about efficient. Like Tinder and other swipe-right dating apps, Quickily uses the same approach. Aside from swiping, you can chat and also receive QuickView interview requests from potential jobs.

10. Pocket Resume (Bonus)

This app allows you to craft a professionally formatted resume right from your Smartphone. The unique PDF rendering technology means you don’t have to worry about the layout or design — the app does it for you. Once you’ve created your resume, you can store it and send it directly from your mobile device.

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